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Information relating to Marketing Communications Specialist – Circles Asia, published on November 20, 2015 at 11:31AM.

The Marketing Communications Specialist at Circles Asia is responsible for content creation across preferred social media channels, our e-commerce and corporate websites as well as our proprietary apps.


As someone with boundless passion for and belief in effective communication you will drive our positioning and community engagement through a combination of original ideation, information synthesis, and content creation.


This is an exciting role for someone with 2 to 3 years’ experience under their belt. It comes with the extraordinary opportunity to work closely with highly experienced co-founders, marketers, and techstars, be mentored by them, and develop as a seasoned Communications Manager with regional remit in due course.


The successful applicant will

  • Provide compelling content for websites, social media and apps that ranks high on clarity and relevance

  • Work alongside designers and digital media marketing teams- to deliver written content

  • Manage relevant tools to improve content creation and analyse various content success metrics regularly

  • Be at the forefront of engaging with the social media community

Ideally you should have

  • A broad portfolio showcasing your creative writing experience – especially adjusted for digital consumption

  • Knowledge of content marketing and techniques such as SEO, SEM, meta-tagging

  • Above average knowledge of any Office suite (MS Office, Keynote, Google Docs, etc.)

  • Excelent communication and proof-reading skills

  • Experience excelling in a cross-functional environment

  • A sharp eye for details and any typos

  • A strong work ethic and cheerful disposition

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